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Consignor Information
Cold weather has everyone cleaning out closets but faster than we can get it tagged. Until we are caught up we are NOT accepting any CLOTHING. As soon as this changes we will update.

 Sorry for any Inconvenience.

We are still accepting FURNITURE CONSIGNMENTS

No "NEW Clothing" Consignments accepted on Mondays or Saturdays 

New Clothing Consignments by Appointment Only 

No  New  Clothing Consignments Accepted on Mondays or Saturdays 

"Furniture Consignments" ARE Accepted  Monday- Friday 10-5:30 
Saturday 10-4:30
Please call to make sure we have space available before bringing furniture in please

No Boys or Girls Clothing Size 3 Years or Unless they are Boutique Brands.

All Clothing MUST Come Into Elite Repeat On Hangers, Pressed Or Dry Cleaned  in GENTLY used Condition & Wrinkle Free 

**ON Hangers NOT in Bags**

**Clothing too wrinkled will be put in the dollar bin and will NOT post to the consignors account**

Acceptance Schedule:

Year Round
Jeans & Western Boots
Shorts (Older Boys/Men Only)

January & February
Cardigans, Jackets, Coats, Ski Wear & Western Wear, Year Round  
(No More Winter)

March - July
Spring, Summer & Year Round

July 15th+

Back to School, Thin Long Sleeve & Hoodies (no fur)
Renaissance Clothing

Fall, Back to School,& Renaissance Clothing

Sept 15+
No More Summer Clothing 


Coats, Sweaters, Hunting, & Halloween

Sweaters, Ugly Christmas Sweaters,
Winter, Holiday, & 
Ski Wear

All Clothing MUST Come In to Elite Repeat On Hangers, Pressed Or Dry Cleaned  in GENTLY used Condition & Wrinkle Free 

**ON Hangers NOT in Bags**

**Clothing too wrinkled will be put in the dollar bin and will not post to the consignors account**

Clothing must be gently worn to like-new condition. Any clothing with odors, stains, tears, holes, fading, broken zippers, discoloration, missing or broken buttons, pet hair, or outdated, will not be accepted. Take the time to make sure your clothing looks and smells nice. Freshly launder clothing before bringing in. The nicer the presentation of clothing, the quicker it will sell.

Clothing must ALL be ON hangers.  Clothing with no hangers will NOT be Accepted!


No Boys or Girls Clothing Size 3 or Smaller Unless they are Boutique Brands

No Corduroy, Turtlenecks,
 FORMAL Business Attire

We tried consigning  formal/professional  Business Attire for more than a year--suits, etc. Unfortunately, items did not sell until they were substantially discounted, making them unprofitable for both the consignor and Elite Repeat.

We require a minimum of 20 "qualifying" clothing items to start an account shoes,purses,toys,etc.  Will NOT be counted towards the initial 20 items. 
** When you've become an accepted consignor, you may bring LESS than 20 items in future visits. **

** When you've become an accepted consignor, you may bring LESS than 20 items in future visits. **

A Suggestion.....
(We have Very Bright Lights)
Bring 30 or more clothing Items on your Inital visit. Hopefully you will have enough items to open an account. 

Please check:
Collars, Cuffs, and Underarms for Stains or Deodorant (glitter)


INSIDE Crotch Area

All Clothing MUST Come In Elite Repeat On Hangers, Pressed Or Dry Cleaned  in GENTLY used Condition & Wrinkle Free 

**ON Hangers NOT in Bags**

**Clothing too wrinkled will be put in the dollar bin and will not post to the consignors account**

Wire hangers ARE acceptable. 

Why Hangers?

Because everyone's time is valuable.  Items on hangers are much easier to inspect, process and sell. Everything moves along more quickly and gets you on your way faster.  And.....
It's only fair to our consignors that do bring their clothing in on hangers.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

  No Consignments
 30 minutes prior to closing

New Clothing Consignments by Appointment Only
No Mondays or Saturdays 

Furniture Consignments are Accepted  Monday- Friday 10-5:30
Saturday 10-4:30


 All items that Can be consigned are inventoried into the consignors
 account. Items that can Not be
 consigned are donated to the  "dollar basket" and do NOT post to the consignor's account.

If it is your first time to consign, you may need to allow up to 45 minutes or longer for us to look through your items to see if you have at least 20 clothing items to open an account. Clothing Items ONLY count towards your 20 Items. 

Consignors that bring in their items and clothing "rack-ready" will be processed before those requiring more attention. Rack-ready means Ready to Price...Pressed, Snapped, Strings Tied, Buttoned (except top button of shirts).

A VERY Big Thank You to our Consignors!
Making it Possible to Support our Local Assisted Living Homes, the Local Community and
 Churches with their Clothing and Shoe Donations.


Styles Change Rapidly. Clothing items need to be Current and in Style.

VHS, DVDs, Board Games & Books. 
are accepted
 but they do NOT post to your account. Everyone Loves them for 10 cents-$1.00 and it's a great way to recycle!

Keep in mind when gathering items to consign:
If you didn't pay at least $14 we can't price it for $5

In Order to Continue to offering clothing at competitive prices, we have to limit our inventory. Items that have not sold well and will usually NOT be accepted for consignment are: Onesies, Sleepers, Socks, Caps/Hats, Scarves, Brands from Kmart, Target, Walmart and other discount stores are usually NOT accepted. 

Accepted Brands such as:

  Justice, Volcom, Abercrombie, Tony Hawk, Under Armour, Miss Me, Pink, Cabi, Cinch, Rock & Roll Cowboy, Polo, Ralph Lauren, True Religion, Seven, O'Neill, Hurley, Urban Outfitters, Juicy, Hollister, BKE, etc.

We do
accept MOST:Baby Items 

Activity Mats, Baby Slings/Carriers, Baby Tubs, Baseball Pants, Bed Sheets, Bibs, Boppy Pillows, Bottles, Bottle Sterilizers, Bottle Warmers, Breast Pumps, Caps, Cleats, Comforter SetsCrib Bedding, Crib BlanketsCrib Mobiles, Dishes, Diaper Genies, Heelys, Hats, House Shoes, Leggings, Men's Dress Slacks, Onesies, Sleepers, Pictures, School Uniform Clothing, Scarves, Socks, Plain Shirts, Tennis Clothing, Tights, Swim Suits or Wipe Warmers. 

Leap Frog/Leap Pad/Little Touch Systems.

Inexpensive Holiday/Seasonal Wear:
Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day,Easter, July 4th, Halloween, etc.


NO girls or women's polo-style shirts.


Business Information

Clothing Consignment period is 2 months

Items priced at $10.00 or less  will be paid at 40%.  Items priced at $10.01 and above will be paid at 50%. **Items priced less than $19.99 that have not sold during the 2-month consignment period will NOT be returned to consignor.

Once items are dropped off for consignment they will NOT be returned to consignor until consignment period has ended per contract.

Furniture Consignment Period is 2 Months.

Consignors receive 50% of the sale price for the 2 month consignment period for items priced $25.00 or above.
40% For items priced below $25.00.

You are welcome to make your own inventory list if you'd like, but we won't need it. Our sophisticated consignment software will keep track of all the details, so you don't have to worry.

*More Detailed Info On The Furniture Consignment Page

At Elite Repeat you don’t have to wait until the following month for a check. As soon as your items sell, you can come in and pick up your cash money or use it as store credit as long as it's $10 or more.

There are no yearly or set up fees to open an account, and payouts are available anytime during regular business hours.

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